Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Home and Thanks!

I'm back in Seattle, Washington...which means the tour is over for the time-being! It's been fun. There were several locations I wasn't able to get to due to schedule conflicts and time constraints. I hope to get around to those folks in a future trip!

I'd like to thank each songwriter that participated in this project by donating their time and extending me their hospitality! Each of you is a unique talent and I appreciate your time.

There are some additional people I'd like to thank, each of whom contributed in their own way to help make this tour a success - Barry Markey, Brent Magstadt, Sherri Thal, Shannon Donnally Spasova, the folks at NSAI, Marc-Alan Barnette, Tonya Hood, Chuck Shute, Mom, Dad - THANK YOU!

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