Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hitting the road Friday morning!

Time's running out and it's almost time to hit the road! Trying to wrap up loose ends and avoid the flu going around; wouldn't be very fun to be on the road for 8-9 hour drives with those symptoms...

I won't be making my first "official" songwriting stop until this Sunday, 9/13, where I'll be meeting with Donna Valentine and her chapter in Longmont, Colorado. Donna has been great and I'm looking forward to meeting her.

Meanwhile, I'll be making overnight stops in Missoula, Montana and Salt Lake City, Utah. Friday night I'll be playing a show north of Missoula with a really cool band called Sleep Waves. They have a great set of influences and I dig their sound, will be cool to meet them and jam onstage.

1 comment:

  1. I can't "officially" post anything about your visit until YOU post.... but just wanted to say how nice it was to meet you and "hang". You can be in my "Rock Band" any time! (sly grin)
    Safe travels- Donna :D